Welcome to Cryptowalkers.io

PUBLIC SALE: 22:00 GMT, December 6th​

Cost: 0.10 ETH per mint.

Cryptowalkers is a new and unique collection of 3D walking characters aimed to live in the Metaverse. All 10 000 unique characters come with full bodies (and custom 3D backgrounds) to be used by it’s owner in various Metaverse environments. Our goal is to create a community where we build upon this and future collections and addons together.

Our designers will listen carefully to what the community wants and have a say in how future collections and addons should look and work. We are already in talks with various Metaverse projects to integrate our Walkers. There will also be some upcoming airdrops for Cryptowalker hodlers.


  • Airdrop of 1 Walker to 10 random Walker owner wallets.
  • 3D files will be made available to Walker owners.
  • A merch store will be set up and free merch will be sent to everyone with the Mutant role in Discord. Merch will consist of hoodies, tees and various accessories.
  • Profile pictures headshots of your walker can now be requested and downloaded from our website.
  • Land in Netvrk Metaverse will be bought for future Walker meetups. Community will decide name and what to build and develop on this land.
  • We will give out 5 very special Walker addons to random users with the Zombie or Mutant role in Discord. Yes, these addons will be very valuable and will add an amazing ability to your walker inside the Metaverse!
  • Metaverse character implementation will make it possible for all Walkers to exist in multiple Metaverses. Netvrk will be our first partner.
  • 15 ETH will be added and reserved for building and sculpting our land in Netvrk.
  • We will develop a game inside this land called "Kill the zombies!" where Walker owners can play and earn rewards.
  • Everyone owning at least 3 walkers 100 days after mint (date TBA) will receive a FREE surprise airdrop.
  • Additional collections and add-on assets for our Walkers are already being planned.
  • We will make sure Walker owners are always taken care of and will continue to provide ongoing value for the community. The community will always be prioritized.
  • The Metaverse will continue to be our main focus moving forward and we strive to be a leading and progressive force within the Metaverse revolution.

CW Brante

Brante is one of the Founders of Cryptowalkers and has been in the crypto space since 2016. An experienced entrepreneur and digital marketer passionate about the Metaverse revolution and NFTs in general.

CW Krille
Design & animation

Krille is one of the Founders of Cryptowalkers and has been working with digital design and animations for more than 15 years. Runs an ad agency in Stockholm focused mainly on 3D, html5 and video animations.

CW Zhenkoest
3D creator

Zhenkoest is an incredible and multi talented 3D designer. A detail and accuracy-oriented individual but just as good at abstract and stylised creations.